Ylläs Eight Seasons Lodge & Suites and Lantern Villas





Eight Seasons Lodge & Suites: ~8955 m2, 100 hotel rooms (26-65 m2) and 15 suites (97 m2), Lantern Villas: ~2025 m2, 15 villas (135 m2)


Sport Resort Ylläs

Introducing the Ylläs story

The Ylläs project is a large-scale development effort offering a variety of solutions that cater to many different user groups and interests. From younger action sport enthusiasts looking to spend most of their time outdoors in the wilderness to experiential travelers hoping to relax in a peaceful atmosphere, the project suits almost every anticipated need. Through a thorough and cohesive study into these potential user groups, we designed an architecture that could support them all in a way that sustainably celebrates and connects with the rich landscape of the area at the same time.