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From premium hotels and resorts to boutique restaurants and spas, with highlights from regions such as Scandinavia, Europe and Northeast Asia. We’ve worked with some of the world’s most prestigious hotel brands, and our designs have been internationally recognised for their innovative use of sustainable materials and technologies. We build environments that last and empower our clients to create unforgettable moments.

Holistic healing in a calm valley
A tranquil lakeside resort opening to the sky
From a shed to a unique overnight experience

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Arctic Scene Suites & TreeHouse Hotel
Experiental accommodation units
Architecture — Interior Architecture — Hotels & Resorts
The Arctic TreeHouse Hotel project started with a concept design made in close cooperation with the client. The inspiration for the accommodation concept — set on a steep natural slope — came from Nordic nature and culture as well as the magical world of SantaPark. A vision started to form: we wanted to create an optimal setting for experiencing both nature and arctic mysticism.
Nattours accessible recreational path
Accessible recreational path to bring nature to all
Architecture — Nature & Wellness
The Nattours project began with the goal of making the local natural attractions in Helsinki, Finland more accessible, not only from a practical standpoint, but a humanistic one too. The result was a series of accessible nature trail boardwalks throughout several islands in the city.
From a shed to a unique overnight experience
Area Planning – Building design – Interior
The Niliaitta prototype takes inspiration from the traditional niliaittas. The lifted up structure has been used to store food safe from the animals, but works perfectly as a platform for amazing views. For the future around 50 units are planned for the Kivijärvi resort area.
Pistohiekka Resort
A tranquil lakeside resort opening to the sky
Architecture – Nature & Wellness
Pistohiekka Resort aims to revitalise the once so popular vacation destination. Thanks to its large terraces, the sauna-restaurant located in a tranquil cove, invites visitors to enjoy also the outdoors no matter the weather. The opening roofs let the sunshine in but also provide shield from the rain.