Hannunkivi Spa & Leisure Centre

Area planning – Architecture




Leisure centre 2200 sqm, new holiday house area 2500 sqm


Development company Witas


Hannu Komu, Onvisio Consulting Oy

The Hannunkivi holiday village located in Kivijärvi in Central Finland is looking into serving a more diverse clientele and offering more versatile services to their existing customers by constructing a new leisure centre, a hotel and a spa.

The starting point of the design is conserving the unique nature of the area and subtly fitting the buildings into the delicate heath terrain. The aim is to build a place for relaxation and tranquillity, a place in which the surroundings and the nature play an important role. Local materials will be used in the structures as well as in the visible surfaces. The buildings are mainly wooden and the bearing walls will be made of timber.


The concept of the spa will be that of a new Nordic spa, a concept thought up in collaboration with Hannu Komu, a travel consultant closely connected to the project. The aim is to create a local Finnish version of a spa based on the Japanese tradition of the onsen.

The leisure centre, the hotel and the spa are positioned in two atrium buildings. The first holds the hotel functions, reception spaces, spa treatment rooms and office spaces. The second building’s ground floor holds the spa spaces, whereas the restaurant with its large terrace is located on the second floor. Future additions to the buildings are possible due to the positioning of the buildings as well as their nature. The majority of the hotel rooms open straight towards a lake view and the surrounding nature. Enjoying the outdoors is possible even in the cold winter season due to the outdoor pool areas and the sheltered restaurant spaces that skirt an atrium.

In addition to the draft for the building plan of the area we also designed an area for about 20 wooden holiday homes. All construction in the area will be ecological and sustainable. The buildings will make use of different forms of renewable energy to minimize operating costs and to conserve energy.