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Meet the team

Mikko Jakonen

ARCHITECT SAFA, co-founder
+358 44 022 5022
[email protected]

”I really enjoy designing large projects – all the way down to the tiniest details. It’s amazing to be able to work with really skilled people to find the right solutions for every project. And I always like to use natural materials in a way that’s in line with their natural characteristics.”

Emma Johansson

ARCHITECT SAFA, co-founder
+358 50 372 2743
[email protected]

”For me good enough is never good enough. I always work hard to come up with the best possible solution for every space, project and client.”

Sampsa Palva

ARCHITECT SAFA, co-founder
+358 40 823 9359
[email protected]

”My goal is to create meaningful experiences and great living environments that really enrich people’s everyday lives. Sustainable, functional and beautiful spaces are created through teamwork across disciplines and by always having a solution-oriented attitude.”

Heikki Riitahuhta

ARCHITECT SAFA, co-founder
+358 50 433 2757
[email protected]

”I’m determined to create the most beautiful hotel experience in the world.”

Willem van Bolderen

ARCHITECT SAFA, co-founder
+358 40 415 1433
[email protected]

“As a child I always wanted to be an inventor. Architecture for me is about curating space through the innovative use of materials and building technology.”

Sam-Erik Ruttmann

+358 50 347 8039
[email protected]

“My passion is curating customized hospitality solutions with hospitality developers that support the ever-changing needs of travelers. I bring an open mindset and view obstacles as an opportunity to innovate.”

Jana Nitschke

architect m.ARCH
[email protected]

“My architectural studies have pushed me further and further to the north. The remote vastness of space and darkness as a concept of solitude have fascinated me. There is something unique about working in the Nordics, and hopefully, designing more saunas will be in my future soon.”

Emilia Hakulinen

+358 50 554 5682
[email protected]

“I’m driven by the fact that the work we do and the sustainable designs we create have the potential to really impact the future. I want to create architecture that improves its environment and that brings people joy. ”

Olli Keskinen

Brand lead / architect M.sc.
+358 40 518 6653
[email protected]

“I believe that at its best, architecture isn’t just the sum of its functions and instead evokes strong emotions and creates unique experiences that people will remember forever.”

Maiju Koskela

+358 40 503 3682
[email protected]

”I like designing managed spaces with a strong spatial atmosphere and interior design – balanced, serene spaces that ooze simplicity and sophistication.”

Sami Logren

+358 40 835 6493
[email protected]

”The challenge and richness of this work comes from the fact that no two projects are the same. In each project you have to have a mindset rooted in the unique context of each project, whether it’s the program, site, user, budget or even the preferred time of year.”

Ioana Maftei

+358 44 936 0923
[email protected]

”Studio Puisto’s approach to sustainable architecture resonates with me. I find that what motivates me with each project is finding the sweet spot between the appeal of a clean, effortless aesthetic and the technical aspects in a way that supports the overall vision.”

Pekka Tainio

architect SAFA
+358 50 371 9665
[email protected]

“Seeking the best solutions for every project motivates me. Unique architecture often emerges by questioning established norms, and by discovering new and unconventional concepts and approaches.”

Heikki Muntola

+358 50 543 2089
[email protected]

“Creating context-aware designs and finding interesting new design solutions. Working with inspiring people.”

Théophile Paquet

+358 40 851 8061
[email protected]

“What drives me in my work is the exploration of new ways of designing, with the help of advanced digital tools, while applying them consciously to a context, a program or a concept.”

Annika Tuominen

+358 44 084 1810
[email protected]

“My belief is that beautiful and high-functioning built environments improve the well-being of their users. I want to make high-quality architecture a part of people’s everyday life for all to see and experience.”

Chenyi Wang

ARCHITECT b.sc., intern
[email protected]
+358 41 474 7524

“I enjoy imagining how people would live and feel in a space; relish the design process of creating inclusive spatial qualities that meet the user needs.”

Kia Vuoksenmaa

+358 44 273 1307
[email protected]

“I love doing marketing in an interesting and creative field like ours. I get to constantly learn new things about architecture and the variation in projects keep my work exciting. It’s also important for me to be able to market a company whose values are aligned with my own. Plus, it’s great to get to work with such beautiful buildings.”

Anna Björn

[email protected]
+358 40 350 4893

“As a designer I’m interested in the harmonious relationship between built spaces and the environment, the way a place’s unique features and nature is respected throughout the process. I immerse myself into the collaboration between the user and the design team to create adaptable spaces which offer simultaneously experiential and sustainable architecture.”

Hanmo Gu

architect safa
[email protected]
+358 45 150 5042

“I like the process of designing building. It is interesting to see reasons behind the design results and experience different ways of solutions.”

Sichen Dong

[email protected]
+358 44 244 7706

“During the architectural working, I concern myself into the material, structural space, and tectonic expression. Meanwhile, the compact and systemic thinking approach inspired me in both early concept design and later construction working.”

Jenni Suurhasko

[email protected]
+358 40 704 7866

“As a designer I think that in a successful space visuality and functionality go hand in hand and the spatial solutions take sustainability principles into account. I’m especially inspired by urban city environments, where one can find surprising contrasts, roughness and beauty.”

Moritz Schineis

[email protected]
+49 1766 0021 233

“For me architecture is about creating spaces for people and connecting them to the surrounding environment and nature. In my work I want to explore the possibilities of working with natural materials, especially with wood. Wood fascinates me with its various characteristics, its patina, texture, and warmth.”

Elina Libba 

Interior architecture intern
[email protected]
+358 40 963 8133

“I have always been very interested in people in spaces and how with different spaces experiences can be created, emotions can be evoked and wellness can be influenced. In my opinion best spaces are designed with user-centrism, timeless beauty and functionality in mind.”

Francesco Allaix

project manger &
Sustainability coordinator
[email protected]
+358 44 066 6009

“I’m passionate about creative solutions “from a spoon to the city”. All design has an impact and our design has to be a contribution to a better planet. I strive for a teamwork where the user’s well-being is aligned with environmental sustainability. This is easier to achieve in such a stimulating and cosmopolitan studio.”

Valerie Marshall

[email protected]


I am driven by curiosity and am inspired by the creative problem-solving that working on architecture projects allows me to take part in, which is unique to every single project. In my design approach, I am interested in depth research about building materials, construction techniques, site context and history as way of informing novel approaches to design.”

Mayumi Lounela-Itoh 

architecture intern
[email protected]

I’ve been especially fascinated with relaxing spaces including sauna and bath. Enriched experiences can help us to heal not only physically, but also mentally. This is why my aim is to create relaxation through the power of design.

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