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9 Uni Villas, 112m2 each


Kanava Resort


Photographs: Marc Goodwin / Archmospheres (exterior), Riikka Kantinkoski (interior)

Uni Villa Oravi is the newest addition to the Uni Villa concept developed by Studio Puisto Architects. Nine Uni Villas have been built approximately 40 kilometers from Savonlinna, a city known for its opera festival, in the Kanava Resort. 

These units offer luxurious and private lodging in the midst of nature, right on the shores of the Oravi canal. The Uni Villa exteriors resemble the bark of a pine tree and blend in harmoniously with the Oravi landscape. The Uni Villas were chosen to replace a previously planned large hotel.

Continuing the Uni Villa concept

The Uni Villa concept is based on the idea of providing a functional and beautiful turnkey solution for both new and experienced tourism entrepreneurs. The units are modular and made of wood, specifically cross-laminated timber (CLT). They are prefabricated in a factory and delivered to the site in three parts, optimizing resource efficiency.

Uni Oravi differs from the previous Kytäjä Resort in many ways to suit the location and serve users in the best possible way.

Privacy and togetherness

In Kytäjä, a single 112m2 Uni Villa consisted of two smaller studio apartments and one luxurious suite. In the Oravi villa unit, there is one apartment with two bedrooms, accommodating up to six people. 

The villas feature a spacious kitchen, living room, bathroom, and sauna facilities, allowing for comfortable togetherness even for larger groups. Thanks to the new layout, there is now more privacy both inside and outside the villa. The U-shape of the buildings creates a private courtyard between the bedrooms of each villa, where one can peacefully enjoy the outdoors.

Luxury and quality blend with the northern forest and lake scenery

The interior design of Oravi features warm tones and a contrast between dark and light, creating a sense of luxury together with natural materials such as stained CLT. The theme revolves around luxury and quality blending with the northern forest and lake scenery. 

The high quality and functional interiors enable easy access to natural tourism, inviting even visitors unfamiliar with the Finnish wilderness to stay overnight. It is pleasant to return to the warm and cozy villa after a day of adventures, or alternatively, one can spend the day enjoying the comforts of the villa alone. 

The sauna, located at the end of each module, offers stunning views of the lake. Nature floods in through the windows, allowing guests to feel connected to the surrounding environment.


The villas offer views of the canal and the lake, which is part of the Linnansaari National Park. While the interior provides comfort, there are ample opportunities for outdoor activities in Oravi, ranging from kayaking to stand-up paddleboarding and other active pursuits. 

The canal, which connects two lakes, offers a water route to Kuopio, where one can admire old steamboats and even spot the Saimaa ringed seal, which inhabits the clean waters of the national park. In winter, the frozen lake provides opportunities for ice skating, skiing, and ice fishing.

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