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Uni Villas, 112 m2 each
Kytäjä Golf
Photographs: exterior: Decopic, Marc Goodwin, interior: Riikka Kantinkoski
General contractor: Uni Development Oy

Closer to nature

Opening even a micro-resort is no inconsequential feat – in addition to an entrepreneurial spirit and big dreams, it also requires a significant amount of upfront capital. This not only makes the opportunity inaccessible to many, but it also leaves many nature destinations around the world inaccessible as a result.

In pursuit of a solution to this, a nature tourism entrepreneur, Kari Vainio, and an architecture firm, Studio Puisto, came together to develop a hospitality concept that could be both economically practical and ecologically responsible. Boldly named after the dreams of entrepreneurs, the overarching aim of Uni Villas (uni being Finnish for ‘dream’) is to make it easier for anyone to open nature to everyone else in a sustainable way.

This material concept resonates even in the smallest details such as the locally sourced skin care products and handmade linens. All these products support not

Uni Villas

As a spatial concept, Uni Villas is a modular U-shaped accommodation block that features two studio units and one suite all together in a congruent system. This diversifies the accommodation options at hand while maintaining a compact footprint that equally prioritizes both views and privacy. All aspects of the design are considered – down to the included ready-made furniture and keyless, automated check-in.

For each accommodation unit, the outer shell is made from cross-laminated timber (CLT) with a small enough volume to fit on the back of a standard truck, allowing for the entire block to be prefabricated off-site. This widens opportunities to not only ensure an efficient and high-quality construction process, but it also similarly limits the environmental impact on the diverse sites Uni Villas are meant to find a home on. To aid in this, Uni Villas features a versatile foundation that is meant to suit even the most remote of locations.

This material concept resonates even in the smallest details such as the locally sourced skin care products and handmade linens. All these products support not

Pilot: Kytäjä Golf

The pilot for Uni Villas comprises of three modules that are nestled deep into the natural backdrop of Kytäjä Golf, a series of courses winning the award for Best in Finland in 2020. There, they provide the area with various accommodation solutions able to suit anyone from families to golfing groups without impeding on the rich landscape that the area is known for.

The dark exterior of Uni Villas allows the modules to blend seamlessly into their environment while the natural wood tones in the interior create a serene coziness that complements the surrounding forest. After sunset, the recessed spotlights gently wash over the exterior wall surfaces and the indirect lighting inside highlights the tactile textures and materials.

The spatial character between the studios and suite is distinct – the studio apartments deliver a light, fresh atmosphere while the suite warms and wraps around guests with its dark tones. However, both types of accommodation feature sensory-rich details, such as woolen textiles and natural-toned loose furniture, that adds a luxurious depth to the spaces, but in a subtle and harmonious way. The overall interior approach is minimal by design yet provides maximum impact.

Dream big

As its namesake suggests, Uni Villas strives to make dreams a reality – not only for aspiring entrepreneurs, but also for the future guests themselves in finding a place that could inspire them and connect them deeper with nature. Big dreams require strong support, and our hope is that Uni Villas will serve as a ladder in helping us all get there.

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