Our Nattours recreational path receives 2020 Accessibility Recognition

The City of Helsinki Disability Council (Helsingin vammaisneuvosto) has awarded our Nattours recreational path in Lammassaari, Helsinki with the 2020 Accessibility Recognition. This is meaningful for us as one of the most fundamental aspects to the development of the nature trail was that the entire boardwalk needed to be thoughtfully designed for everyone to equally enjoy. To best prioritize accessibility, the path follows gently sloping curves along the way while the ends of the observation platforms are fully glazed to allow both children and wheelchair users alike the possibility look out into the vast nature without obstruction. In addition, the ends of these observation platforms are also organically enlarged to support teaching purposes as well as to facilitate a more social, comfortable birdwatching experience. These sorts of details, although subtle in practice, help make the paths more accessible for all without taking away from the overall design aesthetic. We are grateful to share the award with our collaborators for the project, Nomaji Landscape Architects Oy.