Round table:

How to setup a resort


The tourism industry in Finland is evolving rapidly, with new investors driving growth in various projects. Simultaneously, there’s a rising demand for unique and small-scale ventures. The pristine natural landscapes, serenity, and the changing seasons create internationally competitive opportunities.

Are you planning or dreaming of creating a tourism project? In Studio Puisto’s upcoming round table, we will guide you through initiating your project and shed light on essential aspects of creating a unique experience. Our experts will deliver concise and inspiring insights.

Preliminary agenda:

15 min      Brief Introduction
30 min     Finding the Perfect Location
30 min     Crafting a Unique Experience
30 min     Sustainable Tourism
30 min     Investors and Project Progress
30 min     Summary and Next Steps


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Our speakers

Heikki Riitahuhta

ARCHITECT SAFA, co-founder
+358 50 433 2757
[email protected]

”I’m determined to create the most beautiful hotel experience in the world.”

Emma Johansson

ARCHITECT SAFA, co-founder
+358 50 372 2743
[email protected]

”For me good enough is never good enough. I always work hard to come up with the best possible solution for every space, project and client.”

Sam-Erik Ruttmann

+358 50 347 8039
[email protected]

“My passion is curating customized hospitality solutions with hospitality developers that support the ever-changing needs of travelers. I bring an open mindset and view obstacles as an opportunity to innovate.”

We’re looking forward to welcoming you at the round table!