Naantali historical old town and harbor

Area Planning




43,800 m2


City of Naantali

The Naantali historical Old Town and harbor is a unique national heritage area, and the heart and soul of the Naantali travel and tourism. The Old Town and harbor also has a huge potential for further development to become an even more active, attractive and year-round resort.

The end result for the master plan process is both a wide-ranged and a detailed design well suited for the Genius loci of the Old Town and harbor. The master plan is a guideline for development done by the City of Naantali in the next years to come.

The Naantali Old Town and harbor master plan was a participatory design process, where the entrepreneurs, businesses, occupants and City officials were all involved in the process.

During the design process, Studio Puisto, along with sub-consultants, used multiple participatory design tools. A project website was founded to present the design progress to the public, a questionnaire was presented online via a map-based geographical information service where the public could bring their hopes, fears and wishes to the design team, and a public design workshop was held to communicate ideas. The end result of the master plan was published on the project website, and also in a public presentation and discussion at the City hall.

The project is set to begin during 2020, with the central bridge park and historic boat basins as the key elements starting it off.