Allas Sea Pool Floating Saunas

Architecture – Interior – Wellness




108 m2, 36 m2 each module


Töölö Urban Oy


Photographs: Riikka Kantinkoski

A Floating Solution

The floating saunas of Allas Sea Pool were designed as a solution to a surprising situation when the original saunas were damaged as a result of a cruise ship colliding with the building. To make it possible for the swimmers to use the saunas in the summer season, we designed separate floating saunas that could be placed on the water right by the pools when the original saunas were still under renovation. Thanks to this solution, the summer season of Allas Sea Pool was able to get underway.

Summer cottage sauna in the heart of Helsinki

The new saunas bring a summer cottage vibe to the centre of Helsinki. The three small saunas allow for dipping straight into the pool or stepping onto the cooling deck from the sauna, much like in the countryside. Instead of a forest scene, however, the diagonal roofs create a streamlined silhouette against the backdrop of Kauppatori. And the story can continue elsewhere, since the floating elements are easy to move and place somewhere else later on.

Sense of warmth and harmony

The compact, uniform modules are divided in men’s, women’s and unisex saunas and placed within a few metres from each other. Thus natural entryways are created in the gaps between the buildings, allowing for smooth traffic even with larger visitor counts. The black alder paneling of the dressing rooms goes all the way up to the diagonal ceiling, creating a sense of warmth and harmony. The custom fixed furnishings make the spaces both unique and functional. Indirect lighting has been utilised to create a stronger atmosphere.  

Stepping into the sauna, a view over the water and onto Kauppatori and the Old Market Hall opens from the window. As the evenings grow darker, the saunas shine like lanterns across the bay. The light is beautifully filtered through the paned windows, which also offer privacy for those enjoying the warmth inside the Allas saunas.