cabins, camping, service building and recreational area

Camping site Niemenharju

Project: Camping site Niemenharju
Address: Harjukatu 2, 44800 Pihtipudas, Suomi
Gross area: Auxiliary Building 155 m2, Cottages 5x 18m2
Client: Pihtipudas Municipality Real Estate
Start of design: 2016
Completion: 2016
Collaboration: Photographs: Marc Goodwin, Business concept: Onvisio Consulting, Structural engineer: Laukka, HVAC design: Mäkelä, Electrical design: Aarne Kärkkonen

Rest Area Niemenharju is located on European highway E75 which runs from Greece in the south to North Cape all the way in the North of Europe. After a long drive, it’s a perfect place to stop for the night and take in the natural environment. The Rest Area is located on a beautiful spot next to a large pond and a ridge (in Finnish harju, hence the name) bordering lake Kolima, which is a remnant from the ice age. The Rest Area takes its inspiration from the surrounding nature. It offers a break from driving, with beautiful, unobstructed views to the water.

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