Sneak peek at our finalized Niliaitta prototype

We’re excited to share a first glimpse into our newly finished Niliaitta cabin prototype! It’s a part of a larger accommodation and tourism concept we designed for the Kivijärvi municipality here in Finland and in the future, there will be up to 50 cabins with roughly half lifted up into the air like shown. The overarching aim of our partnership with Kivijärvi is to develop and experiment with entirely new forms of experiential accommodation unlike anything we’re used to.

The site is remote, so above all, we wanted to drive tourism to the area in a way that does not impede on the local nature but rather celebrates it. Similarly, we knew that there would need multiple different accommodation solutions to best take advantage of the varied landscape – not only one. Three solutions were derived from nature in different ways – one is rooted into the ground and seemingly grows from within, while another floats on the water and draws in the scents of the lake and reflections of light from the water’s surface. The third, shown here in this prototype, is lifted in the air to give us a more secluded perspective through which to connect with nature. The idea is that by simply retreating away up in the air, we feel immediately detached from our everyday worries happening on the ground.

Niliaitta is available for guests from the 15th of December onwards, so if you’re in the area, spend a night or two and let us know what you think!

Photos: Marc Goodwin, Archmospheres