Potential futures for hospitality

We’re excited to announce that our pilot Space of Mind was recently finished for its new home on a remote mountainside in Porvoo, Finland. For those who are not yet familiar, Space of Mind is a modular cabin that can be flexibly adapted to a variety of different uses – from a spare bedroom to a gym to a home office, it can be whatever it is that gives you your own peace of mind.

With the pilot behind us, we reflect on the how the on-going pandemic shaped the design as well as share how we see it in use within the hospitality industry moving forward.


As a concept, Space of Mind was initially developed in response to the on-going pandemic. With many of us now spending significantly more time at home than ever before, our collective notion of a ‘home away from home’ needed to be redefined to fit our newly limited range for travel. How could we recreate the ritual of leaving home – without actually needing to go anywhere too far?

Whether it is placed in your backyard or the nearby forest, Space of Mind aims to be that spatial solution. Yet how exactly we find that peace of mind looks a little different for all of us. Therefore, we designed Space of Mind as a blank slate with a modular system that accommodates a variety of different uses with a set of attachable custom furniture to choose from that makes any space a reality.

In retrospect, we now not only see Space of Mind as a solution for individuals or small communities, but also for the hospitality industry as well. Similar to how you could tailor a Space of Mind to your own personal preferences, so could operators and developers for a hospitality business on a much larger scale. Here’s what we mean: They’re light enough to be moved via crane or helicopter, so they could operate in one location for a season and then another for the next to minimize the off-season period. Or, given the modular interior, guests could have even more choice in how they personalize their stay – down to the very furniture itself.

Ultimately, we see it as a unique opportunity to rethink how the space could become more versatile in the future, allowing us the ability to tailor to both our fluctuating individual needs along with even those of an entire business. During a time when our entire systems of living have seemingly all turned upside down, we feel it is now more important than ever to have that flexibility.

Space of Mind was designed in collaboration with high-end furniture manufacturer, Made by Choice.

Interested in either purchasing or leasing a Space of Mind? Visit us at www.spaceofmind.fi or drop us a line at [email protected] for more details.