Together with Hyundai Sweden, we gave Space of Mind a little twist. Today’s Office is our Space of Mind redesigned into an office space and powered by Hyundai’s IONIQ5 electric car. We wanted to create a chance to work in an inspiring space in the midst of nature, while making sure that the commute there is sustainable.

Today’s Office works as an example on how Space of Mind can be crafted to your needs. The space is for all, not just for pro-trekkers. Today’s Office has electricity provided by IONIQ5 and even wi-fi. We believe that connecting with nature should be convenient and accessible, even when life gets busy. When working at Today’s Office it’s possible to incorporate spending time in nature to your usual work day.

More information on Today’s Office can be found at If you’re dreaming of your very own getaway destination, whether it was for working or rest, take a look at Space of Mind. Previously Space of Mind has taken the roles of a bedroom and a yoga studio, what other uses could there be?

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