In our upcoming series, we are focusing on wellness and wellbeing. We are going to be thinking of the different key factors from nourishment to movement and see what can be done through architecture to enhance those.


On nourishment


Nourishment as a building block to our wellbeing

Nourishing your body keeps us energized and lets us enjoy life at its fullest. At Puisto, we see our work as designing experiences through architecture, so naturally nourishment and restaurants play a big part in it.


Food works as fuel for us to get the most out of our experiences. That’s why we think food should be there when needed. Many of our projects combine different experiences, such Saunaravintola Kiulu, a multi-purpose space that has both saunas and a restaurant. This allows the place to serve as a meeting point where long evenings can be spent together. Wellbeing for both the body and soul.


Even when on the go, there’s no need to stay hungry. Allas Sea Pool Restaurant, with its very central location, provides a perfect place to dine at for many different people. To answer to all their needs, we are using movable curtains and lights, as they help shape the atmosphere of the space to suit not only the swimmers and lunch diners but also those looking for a more intimate dining experience.


The Niemenharju rest area is designed with the future role of gas stations in mind. Soon we may have moved to fast charging electric cars, so we wanted to really focus on alternative purposes for the station. The Niemenharju tourist center, with its big focus on the restaurant, became a place for rest and refueling your own body before continuing the journey. This way we can see the rest area serving us for a long time, even in an everchanging environment.


Nourishing ourselves in harmony with nature

Our hospitality expert Sam-Erik vlogged his visit to a bee farm in the mountains of Cyprus (link). There, he got to take part in collecting organic honey without the need for any additional protection. The process was done so carefully with respect to the bees that they didn’t feel threatened. We are fascinated by the idea of living in harmony with nature and want our designs to encourage that too.


As a company, we believe that inspiring others to make better choices is our responsibility. That can be done with education. We have incorporated education into our designs in different ways. In relation to food, in one of our upcoming projects, we are going to let the customers experience the lifecycle of the food they consume at the trip. They are let to collect the food themselves and see how the food is prepared. With this, we aim to strengthen the appreciation for food and nature.


Our previous projects have used the possibility to participate into your food’s journey too. In our Puistonmäki eldercare home, there are farming boxes available for the residents. Following the growth of the plants together with your neighbors can be both therapeutic and a fun activity to bond over. It’s inspiring to see how many foods can be grown in your background and don’t have to be flown over from far. The same theme of localness also shows in our Arctic TreeHouse Hotel Restaurant with the dark stained wood and the warming log-fire enhancing the local specialties that fill the menu, such as Lake Inari fish and lingonberries.


Architecture is not our only passion. With appreciation towards all the good things in life we design entire experiences to be enjoyed. To learn more about nourishment in the hospitality field check out Sam-Erik’s blog Hospitality Tomorrow, where he talks about the changes in the industry.

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