In a year where our systems of living have seemingly flipped upside down, we’ve noticed as a studio just how important it is to not only find new ways to connect with the nature around us, but also with ourselves. In pursuit of this, we are happy to share another growing core focus of ours: wellness architecture – a specialty where creating an experience is just as much a part of the design process as it is in hospitality.

When many of us think wellbeing in architecture, we may imagine spas or meditation rooms – but that’s only scratching the surface. Similar to our approach to hospitality, we see wellness holistically, recognizing that what promotes our own wellbeing is individual to all of us. Whether you find fulfillment through active, social endeavors or instead through spiritual moments spent alone, a space can be designed to support a unique wellness experience no matter what it looks like to you.

In one of our most recent wellness projects, Saunaravintola Kiulu (saunaravintola being Finnish for ‘sauna-restaurant’), we achieve exactly this, offering different experiences for everyone without compromising on our commitment to sustainability. We not only build thoughtfully and ecologically, but we take it one step further and put nature at the forefront throughout the design development. In practice, what this means is that every experience at Saunaravintola Kiulu uses nature to immerse visitors and frame each moment, celebrating its essential role from nourishing our body to inspiring our mind.

Now in its short time open, we’re really happy to hear that is has already been very successful for the client and city of Ähtari. Saunaravintola Kiulu has quickly become a meeting point for the local community and tourists alike, offering something new for the area and therefore providing a substantial return on the initial investment. In the long run, we see potential in creating these diverse wellness spaces with our overall wellbeing in mind – with the right concept, you can create truly unique experiences that people seek out time and time again, an outcome that not only benefits the economic investment, but also the greater neighborhood by creating a place for connection – whether that’s with nature, yourself, or the community.

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