Last week, we sat down with the Finnish national broadcasting agency YLE to discuss Studio Puisto as a whole and how we have started to export more and more of our architecture internationally. In search of newer architecture firms to cover, the writers at YLE contacted us to hear our story. During the conversation, we spoke not only about the international media exposure of Arctic TreeHouse Hotel, but also about one of our most exciting on-going projects abroad, a large-scale private retreat in Montana, United States. To watch the full news brief, follow the link here.

Sam-Erik Ruttmann, the hospitality advisor for Studio Puisto, continued the conversation with us afterwards, helping us pinpoint what the individual advantages to our practice are that got us to where we are today. He mentions that Studio Puisto is taking an entirely different approach to the hospitality industry with our emphasis on both sustainability and a unique user experience. “Studio Puisto prioritizes the guest experience from the moment you walk in, the arrival moment, in an operatic experience that continually gets better and better,” Ruttmann says. “There’s an opportunity there to create the most beautiful hotel experience in the world.”

Arctic TreeHouse Hotel is a project that embodied this concept from the very beginning of what has become a nearly five-year relationship with owners Katja and Ilkka. With their vast background in customer experience, they valued the importance of a well-crafted guest experience and knew it would be crucial to the success of the hotel even without prior history in the hospitality industry. Due to this, we continue to refine and develop the guest experience for all the additional projects we do with them in hopes that we deliver what truly is a beautiful hotel experience for every guest.

Through the success of Arctic TreeHouse Hotel, we realized that we could deliver this experience to markets outside of Finland, too. As an international studio with numerous nationalities represented, designing for foreign markets is something we are passionate about and we understand the responsibility as designers to be sensitive in the process. Montana is a prime example where we have designed the retreat to be an entirely tailored guest experience for the clients as well as both environmentally and culturally mindful of its context.

Aside from Montana, we have built projects in Norway and Sweden, along with a luxury resort competition in Iceland and concept proposal for another in Indonesia. Ruttmann generously refers to us as “market disruptors in the hospitality industry,” and while we are flattered by the kind words, we eagerly look forward to not only seeing where we go next, but also how we continue to learn and grow in the process.


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