Open House: Design Clinic


Are you grappling with everyday design challenges in the realm of hospitality and tourism architecture? Join us at the Design Clinic for a personalized one-on-one session with one of our architects. Seek expert advice on overcoming design hurdles in your projects, explore solutions for common space-related issues, or engage our architects with questions about hospitality. Feel free to bring along sketches, site plans, floor plans, or any other relevant materials.

Register for the design clinic here

Meetings will take place in person at our Helsinki office: Mariankatu 7A4, 00170 Helsinki

Our architects


Heikki Riitahuhta

ARCHITECT SAFA, co-founder

“I’m determined to create the most beautiful hotel experience in the world.”


Emma Johansson

ARCHITECT SAFA, co-founder

“For me good enough is never good enough. I always work hard to come up with the best possible solution for every space, project and client.”


Jana Nitschke


“My architectural studies have pushed me further and further to the north. The remote vastness of space and darkness as a concept of solitude have fascinated me. There is something unique about working in the Nordics, and hopefully, designing more saunas will be in my future soon.”