The Kalajoki masterplanning project produced by Studio Puisto in collaboration with Sweco Ympäristö Oy is intended to increase commerce and tourism in the Kalajoki a by constructing additional infrastructure including a marina alongside the addition of a new residential district.

Studio Puisto’s contribution was developed by considering 5 key themes; the overnight stay experience, a marine living room, scaling up of local services, Kalajoki as an adventure starting point and the local scenery.

This included several features of the overall masterplan such as the design of a foodhall to serve the local community and visitors which would be tenanted by predominantly local producers to sell locally sourced produce such as fish. A lighthouse on the marina would house a hotel and an all-year-round rooftop winter garden and fine dining restaurant, offering panoramic views of the surrounding landscape. The lighthouse would stand as one of a series, intended to create a visual network of beacons communicating locations of tourist related activity. The office also proposed locating a number of sea side retreats as part of the marina itself which would allow visitors to experience the incredible scenery and changing nature of the sea.

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