Block 1 is a significant commercial city block located in the heart of the centre of Parainen. The block’s development project began at the New Parainen! -workshop, where it was one of six development areas chosen in Parainen. The design draft created in collaboration with Arkkitehtuuritoimisto Heikki Muntola served as a basis for the reference scenario and the alteration of plan, as well as for further planning. Inspired by the art of Antoni Gaudi and Salvador Dalí, artHouse is the first step in the revitalisation of Block 1 and the centre of Parainen.

The current one-storey commercial building is in poor condition and will be demolished and replaced with a three-storey commercial and residential building. The business premises are located at street level facing the pedestrian zone, and the parking spaces are on the courtyard side. The top floors of the building are devoted to living. The flats facing the courtyard are two-storey loft flats, and the flats facing the pedestrian zone close in around a balcony which is recessed from the facade of the building.

The facades of the commercial premises facing the pedestrian zone have recognisable arched brick openings, whilst the flats situated above are more private in nature, opening onto the recessed balcony. The primary material of the facades is exposed brick, and the roof surfaces are made of matte finish zinc sheet.

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