Accommodation building


948 m2

Orthodox Congregation of Helsinki

Studio Puisto Architects: Mikko Jakonen, Emma Johansson, Sampsa Palva, Heikki Riitahuhta, Willem van Bolderen, Pauliina Kujala, Tiia Anttila

Construction design: Insinööritoimisto Kimmo Kaitila Oy, HVAC- ja Electrical design: Suomen Talokeskus Oy, Photographs: Mika Huisman/Decopic, Construction: Uudenmaan Rakennus & Putkitus Oy, Oiva-Sähköpalvelu Oy, YHR-Putkitus Oy, IR-Pelti Oy

Building design, interior design


This Orthodox Congregation camp centre is in Kaunisniemi, Loppi, an hour drive from Helsinki. The old accommodation building and a canteen building had become old and impractical for the now a days youth and could not hold the capacity of growing numbers of visitors in the camp centre. The Congregation wanted to replace the old buildings with a new, modern up-to-date building to serve the needs of the kids as well as the camp personnel. The new building is also designed to serve other congregation members and families throughout the year for Church feasts and events. The building also holds the ability to be rented out to other organisations and communities.

Standing in the entrance gate the first thing you see is not the accommodation building but a Church, the centre of the action in the camp area. The new accommodation building is located on the other side of the yard and is designed to adapt to the surrounding nature with its low shape and pitched roof, taking its reference from old Finnish countryside barns. You can also see a shimmer of the beautiful lake Loppijärvi from the yard.

You can see the yard and the beautiful nature also from inside the new accommodation building. There are versatile and adjustable common spaces in the centre of the building just beside the main entrance with large windows to the yard and the surrounding nature. The heart of the building is a high common space in the centre of the building with a kitchen for people to get together. You can easily separate the common spaces into smaller areas, should you need a private area for meetings or group work. There is also a covered terrace in the south side of the common room where you can relax with a beautiful view across the fields.

Bedrooms are located to both sides of the common rooms area in two wings. Some of the rooms are joinable for family use or for smaller group use. Each room come with a view to the yard or to the surrounding nature.

The pitched roof covers the technical space and a cold attic. The attic can be easily brought into use if an enlargement is needed. The building is designed so that in the quieter seasons half of it can be unused and kept only as a semi-warm space to reduce the energy consumption. There is also another covered terrace in the north end of the building where you can enjoy the view over the lake Loppijärvi. Red plastered surfaces of the facades and metal sheet roofing pair with the facades of the canteen building. Long eaves are protecting the facades against the weather and create covered outside space to hang out next to the building.

The building interior is based on natural materials and soothing light surfaces. The main qualities when choosing the furniture were multi-functionality, adaptability and durability. The main idea with the subtle interior is to be a quiet and relaxing backdrop of an exciting camp life.

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