A plan for the new Faculty of Architecture for TU Delft

Open competition 2009 (second prize)

Delft University of Technology

Heikki Riitahuhta, Mikko Jakonen, Heikki Muntola, Olli Raila & Eetu Arponen

learning environments

Whereas most entries of the competition presented ideas of the Faculty of Bouwkunde as an urban environment, this proposal, inspired by the European rural milieu, took a reverse position acknowledging the peripheral, suburban position of the TU Delft campus.

The architectural concept is based on two levels: learning and creating. Learning takes place in a diversity of facilities on the ground floor, that can be seen as a continuous landscape. The separate houses are meant to be private offices and studio spaces in which processes of creating will take place.

The proposal takes into account the construction, materiality, sustainable solutions and the different phases of the building process. Non-hierarchical spatial organisation of the project creates interesting spaces. The use of green in the form of gardens is a subtle and attractive way of organising various activities. The design provides a stage for activities, rather than a strictly defined architectural form. This stage allows embracing future possibilities; it provides a flexibility to add different elements.


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